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Obviously every web site is unique and competes with his specific industry players. Some web sites require just minor efforts to bring it into top position but some web sites are in very competitive circumstances so we never give unrealistic promises. But considering our expertise we can confirm that we are one of the most knowledgeable SEO team working on international market.

YumaDigital team has been providing SEO and Marketing services for more than 10 years. During this time we gathered tremendous experiences and knowledge in promotion of web sites into top Google search results and helping our clients to attract new customers.

We'll make your website popular

Seo & marketing

What we offer is four main marketing strategies helping our clients outstand and be the very successful companies in the world.

OUR Marketing strategies:

Website Audit

First of all we try to define what our customer is business about and who his targeted audience is. Together with our clients like stores, restaurants and hotels we develop marketing strategy by answering on following important questions:

  • What we sell?
  • Who are our customers?
  • What is our target market?
  • What does really our customer need?
  • How customer does call what we sell?
  • How can we address to our target audience so that we catch their attention?

Once marketing strategy is ready we define keywords which we are going to use for search engine optimization and website promotion. Right after that we make the web site completely SEO optimized and user friendly. That normally means that we carefully work on content and its structure. We also check if website is comfortable and understandable for the end user, if performance is good and if navigation is easy. We strongly care so that before any SEO and online marketing campaign we make sure that website is 100% is SEO optimized.

Online Content

Our professional writers create unique and interesting articles relevant to our customers business. We post this high quality content on respected internet resources and this way naturally website ranking and visibility is increasing in search results.

Social Media Promotion

One of the most effective ways for internet marketing and SEO promotion is posting content through well-known social networks and other media portals. That helps not just to increase search results but to attract real people to the web site.

We create social networks pages for the web site, constantly update then monthly and engage people to like us. We do only legal and safe promotion techniques by focusing on long-term stable results.

Linking & Citation

We carefully create and maintain high quality links to the website by making sure that only respected internet websites refer to us.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of digital marketing services. There exist so many websites on the Internet that it’s likely that you website gets obscured by the crowd. To prevent the latter from happening SEO is leveraged by many companies. YumaDigital offers state-of-the-art SEO services.

SEO has seen many changes in the last few years. Link building, Keyword stuffing and others were used to improve the ranking of the website in the past. However, Google algorithms no longer accept these practices.

Our SEO team at YumaDigital begins with on-page optimization where comprehensive analysis of the website is done. We recognize that sites with good content get good rankings. Hence, we work with content creation team to craft relevant content for the site.

How our SEO process works

Current trends in SEO

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email marketing

It is not a secret that spam is something what people hate to receive daily. And the difference between spam and attention catching email is very much small. All depends on such key points like correct target auditory defining, message content and what is even more important on the way how the content is introduced. Obviously each email shouldn’t be boring and should catch the attention of receiver from the beginning. But not every agency knows the secret of doing that. We gathered huge experience about creation of SMS and email marketing campaign. First we dig deeply into the subject of the services or good or other information which we need to promote. Then together with client we define the target auditory and prepare database of emails, then we prepare the eye-catching message. Once we start campaign we collect analytical information and depending on the results we may multiply adjust message to reach maximum positive effect.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services enable organizations to keep in touch with the existing clients and develop good relations with the new clients. It plays a significant role in marketing campaigns because of its low cost as well as ability to reach several customers across the world. Leveraging email marketing clients can reach out to several people in seconds.

The reasons why companies should use email marketing

One benefit of email marketing is low expense when benchmarked against traditional marketing channels. There are no print or courier expenses and no cost for featuring in magazines, billboards or television channels.

Email marketing features among the few channels that people ask to receive. Most enterprises only dispatch emails to folk who have signed up to get them. Hence conversion rates are better as the enterprises are focusing on people having existing interest in their products and/or services.

Email marketers usually dispatch emails to people meeting specific criteria. As a result the conversion rates are higher. Email marketing doesn’t require big budgets or large teams. This type of marketing is not complex or very difficult as compared to other marketing strategies.

Email marketing is effective as it doesn't take substantial time and effort to convince people. The process of buying for potential buyers is also very short and straightforward. This marketing channels also offers very high return on investment.

How we work

Our email marketing services staff will begin by examining your current email strategy. Then we will brainstorm with you to craft a plan to integrate email marketing with your overall marketing strategy. The aim is to enable SEO, advertising, PR, content marketing and social media all operate seamlessly with your email campaign.

E-newsletters are still potent communications tools. However designing and coding them properly can be a challenge. Here you can avail of the help from our experienced designers and coders. Bulk email marketing is a cost effective methods to promote any enterprise. We offer scalability, reliable delivery, and real-time analytics such as unsubscribe, spam reports, opens, bounces, link tracking etc.

Yumadigital provides email marketing strategy which includes the following benefits

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Web design

We offer web site creation suitable for any type of your business. Whether you are small store, restaurant or pizza delivery or maybe well-known respected restaurant, we care about each case by our standard web sites templates. We also offer creating completely custom design web sites basing on specific needs of every customer.

We offer following standard packages:

Feautres Standard Template
Restaurant / Store specific layout design
Company and products
information pages
Contact details section
SEO optimized content
Ecommerce module
Online ordering module
Reservation module
Individual logo and design creation
Creation Price $999 $1.999 $2.999
Hosting and maintenance price, monthly $99 $149 $199
SEO package, monthly $450 $450 $450

Want that customers remember you and return?

Offer them to download your mobile application

Mobile Apps

All people like their smartphones and the best way to attract your local customers is to offer them easy and nice mobile application which they can use any time when they need to order food, buy goods or just reserve the table or room.

Because of our specialization on Retail and Hospitality industries we are true masters in such mobile applications creation and its further hosting and support services providing. We normally do everything so that our customers keep attention just on their clients needs.

Prices for Mobile Apps:

Restaurant or hotel mobile app
(per platform for iOS and Android separately)
Hosting and maintenance monthly

You’ll need just to focus on your business

while we keep all infrastructure up and running

Web & Mobile Hosting

If you order web site or mobile application we offer hosting services to constantly keep your website and applications live. We also update them on request. Our specialist will be available 24/7 to make sure that everything works.

We offer following services:

Feautres Standard Template
Hosting and maintenance price, monthly $99 $149 $199
SEO package, monthly $450 $450 $450
Similar functionality mobile app creation $1.999 $1.999 $1.999
Mobile app hosting & maintenance price, monthly $99 $99 $99

Focus on best services and goods providing

while we are making sure that people know about you

pay per click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (also known as CPC) advertisement is quite effective model of goods or services promotions. It is literally providing advs messages depending on context, users search behavior and his personal data. It brings immediate traffic and can be extremely effective in limited time frame.

PPC normally could be done on Google Search engine or on social networks like Facebook and Linkedin.

If we create PPC campaign in Google we can define specific list of keywords. And when people search these keywords except for search results they will see your company advertisement too. It is also possible to define geographical location and language of auditory who you’d like to show the advertisement.

If we arrange it through social networks like Facebook or Linkedin advertisement information can target specific auditory filtered by personal data like location, ages, male / female or professional information like industry, seniority level, position in company, or even specific company.

Even PPC could be very effective marketing activity with immediate effect there is always risk to waste substantial budget without any positive effect. We as any other good marketing team can’t 100% guarantee effective sales after such Pay per click campaign. Obviously it depends very much on services or good of company in itself and definitely depends on potential demand in target auditory we deal with. But we can guarantee professional help with targeting auditory, defining keywords and setting us rules of every campaign. Our team also will monitor every working campaign results and adjust to increase its effectiveness.

PPC advertising is a powerful and responsive method for generating immediate targeted traffic for your business as it gives you high return on your investment. It is an important part of internet marketing which can be done with a pre-set budget and it also allows conversion rate tracking.

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YumaDigital team have been providing SEO and Marketing services for more than 10 years. During this time we gathered tremendous experiences and knowledge in promotion of web sites into top Google search results and helping our clients to attract new customers.

Our team is located in India, Pune and being part of international Yumasoft Corporation consists of highly professional Marketing and SEO experts, articles writers and designers who like out of box approach, professional and diligent work.

Starting from 2012 we have narrow specialization on Retail and Hospitality industry. We focus on providing our services and products specially to Grocery and Retails store, Restaurants and Hotels.

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